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New Denver Broncos owner talking to Peyton Manning about advisory role, ownership stake

Matt Johnson
Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning might not have come out on top in the bidding for the Denver Broncos sale, but the legendary NFL quarterback reportedly could still end up with an important role in the organization.

Even before the Broncos were put up for sale, Manning expressed interest in buying the team. While he didn’t have the money to become a majority owner, especially with competitors offering more than $4 billion, he wanted a stake and an ownership role.

He wasn’t the only iconic Broncos quarterback with an interest in the franchise. John Elway was also reportedly interested in a minority stake, making up for the costly decision made years ago that likely resulted in him losing out on hundreds of millions of dollars.

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Ultimately, the group led by Walmart heir Rob Walton won the bidding war at a final price tag of $4.65 billion. While Manning won’t get a share of the NFL franchise immediately, the door reportedly isn’t closed on him joining the new organization.

According to Broncos insider Benjamin Allbright, Walton’s group has expressed interest in adding Manning but there are no specifics on what potential role he might have. Furthermore, it’s undetermined if the two sides will even come to terms on a deal.

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It would certainly be a great opportunity for Manning. Reports have long suggested he wants to remain involved in pro football, with some even throwing his name around as a future candidate to become NFL commissioner. However, becoming a part-owner with heavy involvement in football operations is more realistic for one of the best players in NFL history.

Of course, Manning has other priorities right now. The success of the ManningCast with Eli and Peyton Manning landed the brothers a new huge contract from ESPN to continue serving as an alternate Monday Night Football broadcast.

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He is also the founder of Omaha Productions, a media company responsible for ManningCast and other entertainment projects. Most recently, Omaha Productions signed a deal with Ceasars to launch podcasts and more digital media projects.

For now, Manning can focus on his media company and preparing for another fun year of broadcasting games on Monday nights with his brother. One thing is for certain, it will just be a stepping stone as he continues to climb the ladder in his second career.