For Peyton Manning, Age is Just a Number

The only numbers Peyton Manning is concerned with are wins and losses. Seems everyone else is concentrating on his age, when really, it’s the last thing on the former Super Bowl MVP’s mind.

According to Yahoo’s Arnie Stapleton, the 38 year old may have had an offseason, but there hasn’t been anything “off” about it. Manning spent his time away from the gridiron visiting Derek Jeter during his Farewell Tour and visiting college campuses.

I went to the Yankee game, saw Derek Jeter, says Manning. All these guys are retiring.

Don’t get any ideas, Peyton.

He’s never been the type to become bored either. Whether it was football season or not.

I don’t really enjoy just sitting around doing nothing. Obviously, I rarely get a chance to do that. Anytime I’m home, I’m playing, playing a lot of T-Ball right now with the kids and playing, staying pretty busy there,” adds Manning.

Before you try and add him to your fantasy baseball team, the multi-record holder has nothing but confidence coming into the 2014 NFL season. And as per usual, he is all business.

It’s nice to get back into more of a normal routine of the way that I’ve played quarterback and done things in the off-season as I used to do in years past when I was healthy under normal circumstances.

While he didn’t win the Super Bowl last season, Manning is never the type to let a team down. Denver has nothing but confidence in Peyton in the pocket, and rightfully so. The Broncos were first in the AFC West Division with Peyton as their starting quarterback and made it all the way to the Big Game in 2013.

No signs of Manning slowing down at any time soon.


Photo: Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports