Pete Carroll: ‘Zero percent’ Seahawks trade Richard Sherman now

By Jesse Reed

The Seattle Seahawks explored trading Richard Sherman before the draft, but that’s all in the rear-view mirror now that the draft has passed.

Speaking with media on Thursday, head coach Pete Carroll made it clear there is no chance a trade will happen now.

Interestingly, Sherman is said to have been the one who initiated trade talks to begin with — that he wanted out of Seattle. Not surprisingly, the Seahawks placed a king’s bounty on their star cornerback, and in the end no team came close to matching their price.

One thing we learned throughout the process is that Seattle isn’t sentimental. The Seahawks were open about the fact that trade talks were absolutely real and not just part of the rumor mill. But all that is a thing of the past now. The draft has come and gone and Sherman remains a member of the Legion of Boom.

Whether that translates to more success in Seattle remains to be seen. The LOB has seen its fair share of injuries the past couple of years, and there isn’t a ton of depth behind the stars. Sherman is still a dominant cornerback when he is healthy, but how much longer will that last?