Pete Carroll on Deflategate: “No It Didn’t Affect Anything”

By Rachel Wold

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is still probably scratching his head over losing Super Bowl XLIX against the New England Patriots this past February. While Carroll was in attendance at the USC Hall of Fame induction ceremony over the weekend, he was asked his opinion of Deflategate.

Here is what Carroll had to share (via

“No. No it didn’t affect anything. I think this was an opportunity for the league to step up and do the right thing. Nobody wants to play this game thinking that somebody has some kind of an advantage, players and fans alike, and so they did the right thing in following up on it, but you know, it was game time, it was … it didn’t have anything to do with that.”

During the time leading up to the Super Bowl, the Deflategate investigation was already taking place. The possibility that New England smuggled any doctored footballs into the big game would have been extremely unrealistic.

While Carroll doesn’t seem to think Deflategate impacted the outcome of the Super Bowl, we can only wonder what the game would have been like if Tom Brady had been suspended and held out of that game. Many also think that the team should be stripped of its victory. But that would have been a major overreaction.

So many questions surrounding Deflategate will never be answered. At least Carroll doesn’t associate his team’s loss to the scandal.

Photo: USA Today Sports