Pepsi in, Coke Out as NBA Sponsor

How many times has Coke lost out to Pepsi in anything? Quite frankly, one is seen as the American beverage, while the other is well…Pepsi.

In a potential Reese’s Pieces/M&M moment, it appears that Coke is out and Pepsi is in as the new sponsor for the NBA.

A sponsor of the Association since 1986, Coca-Cola released this statement after the news broke.

We remain fans of the NBA and have shared remarkable experiences during our 28-year partnership, however we have made the decision not to renew our global contract at the end of the 2014/2015 season. The Coca-Cola Company has committed an incremental $1-billion toward its brands over the next three years, and with this commitment comes the need to focus on the most effective and efficient investments to maximize brand growth.

Attempting to put a positive spin on this makes sense. However, the fact is that PepsiCo is now the official sponsor of the NHL, MLB, NFL and now the NBA.

Whether it’s Coca-Cola turning away from the ever-increasing popularity of American sports or PepsiCo making an even strong player is irrelevant. One will be the face of the four major North American sports, while the other will be left to promote American Idol.

Photo: USA Today Images