Pele’s World Cup medal auctions for cool $500,000

By Vincent Frank

Pele is a Brazilian soccer hero. The 75-year-old international sensation won three World Cup’s as a member of that country’s national team.

He earned the Golden Ball as the event’s top player in 1970 and was named to the All-Time World Cup Team back in 1994.

A man that stood taller on the international stage than any soccer player since, Pele’s accomplishments could take up an entire 10,000-word article.

So it’s not a surprise that when something defining his accomplishments is made available to the public, it’s in high demand.

According to TMZ Sports, his medal from the 1970 World Cup in Mexico sold for a cool half million in auction just recently.

The medal was put up for auction with other Pele treasures from his playing days by┬áJulien’s Auctions in London, England.

All said, Pele had four different items go for over $100,000, including his Jules Rimet Trophy for $571,000.

As TMZ noted, the proceeds from this auction benefited a Brazilian children’s hospital.

That’s pretty cool.