Report: Paxton Lynch cutting out early while other QBs stay late

Paxton Lynch may not understand what it takes to elevate from being a guy with the potential to lead a franchise to actually being the lead dog.

According to Mark Schlereth, a former Denver Broncos offensive lineman and someone still heavily entrenched with the club, Lynch isn’t interested in being the first guy in the building and the last guy out of it.

This falls right in line with another report that surfaced earlier in the year that the Broncos were having a problem with Lynch’s work ethic (more on that here).

Last season as a rookie, Lynch wasn’t exactly inspiring when he got his chances to play. He completed just 59 percent of his passes, throwing two touchdowns and one interception.

If Lynch continues to leave early, rather than staying late, he’ll never ascend to the heights of NFL superstardom. And he’ll end up being a huge disappointment to John Elway and Co., who thought so much of him that they traded up in the first round last year to nab him.

While Trevor Siemian isn’t exactly the most dynamic passer, it appears he’s got a big leg up in the quarterback competition. If only for the fact he’s willing to put in the extra work it takes to be the guy and was the starter last year.