Report: Paul George trying to recruit Klay Thompson, LeBron James to join him on Lakers

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Paul George still has his eyes firmly set on a move to the west coast in 2018.

As he looks towards his potential future with the Los Angeles Lakers, he’s reportedly already recruiting players to join him in Southern California. One of those players is Klay Thompson, according to Kelenna Azubuike of NBC Bay Area.

Appearing on 95.7 The Game Tuesday morning, Azubuike said George has “definitely put a call into Klay Thompson.”

“…obviously he feels like Klay Thompson is a guy that he’d love to play with on the Lakers,” Azubuike said.

The analyst did make it clear he thinks Thompson is going to stay up north with the Warriors and that a call “doesn’t really mean much.”

He noted George has also been talking to LeBron James about potentially joining him in Los Angeles, further fueling the notion that James is at least mulling over the possibility of moving to Los Angeles in 2018.

George has a lot of options in front of him. He’s clearly not interested in staying with Indiana any longer than he has to. And pretty much all the contenders out there are at least kicking the tires on a move to acquire the talented small forward. It’s going to be fascinating to see how this all plays out over the next year or so.