Patrick Mahomes getting destroyed for food choice

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

In what has been a record-breaking season for Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the 23-year-old quarterback has now created intense division following his controversial comments on Thursday.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday, Mahomes disclosed that he puts ketchup on his mac and cheese and even on his steak.

As soon as Mahomes’ words hit social media, reactions erupted across Twitter as a once united fan base quickly became divided over the practice of putting ketchup on steak and mac and cheese.

Mahomes’ decision making with his food also led many to call into question whether he is still worthy of the NFL’s MVP award or if it should go to a quarterback who doesn’t tarnish a wonderful food.


Of course, there were some who took the news not only as a positive, but further proof of Mahomes’ greatness.