Panthers CB throws tremendous shade Josh Norman’s way

Josh Norman
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Norman and the Washington Redskins will take on his former Carolina Panthers squad on Monday Night Football. The game itself has playoff implications for the Redskins, but Carolina has been officially eliminated from postseason contention.

This doesn’t mean that the drama we’re about to see unfold in D.C. will be muted.

By now, it’s pretty apparent that Norman’s divorce from the Panthers was on the ugly side. Carolina initially placed the franchise tag on the Pro Bowler this past spring before pulling it a couple months later. That enabled Norman, then an unrestricted free agent, to sign with the conference rival Redskins.

Now, in his first game against his former team, Norman himself seems to be pretty pumped up.

“They know how I am,” Norman said prior to the game, via ESPN.com. “They know how I was at practice. They can just imagine that with a little bit more nitrogen on top.”

Previously sporting a super-hero alter-ego as a member of the Panthers, Norman doesn’t seem prepared to give that up now that he’s on the Skins. During his days in Carolina, Norman would continually say he was going “Dark Knight” in matchups with some of the top receivers in the game. Heck, a Batman statue could be seen atop his locker.

Knowing full well that he was doing here, first-year Panthers cornerback Daryl Worley decided it made sense to rattle the cage ahead of Monday night’s game.

As the tweet notes, that’s just pure fire.

“Will the real batman please stand up?”

If Norman didn’t have bulletin board material before this game against his former team, he sure does now.

It will most definitely be interesting to see how this turns out on the field. But one thing is clear: Norman himself still isn’t over the ugly divorce between himself and his old team.

“For anybody that says move on and get over it … screw you,” Norman said. “I’m dealing with it in my own way. I know who I am. I know who I’m playing for.”

We’re pretty sure the statement Worley made on his cleats will only play into this even more.