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Panthers’ Cam Newton could break an NFL rushing record this week

Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

We seem to take for granted what some of the best quarterbacks in today’s NFL have done. The focus on stats is primarily through a fantasy lens. And in the real world, it’s all about wins and losses for fans.

Even then, we’re witnessing some of the most-talented quarterbacks in the history of the NFL play today. Former league MVP Cam Newton is a prime example of that. And he now has an opportunity this week to break a longstanding NFL record.

With 63 rushing yards Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, Newton will break the all-time record for most rushing yards for a quarterback with one franchise in league history.

This might not seem like a huge deal. That’s until we realize Newton still has not even reached the age of 30. He’s only seven-plus seasons into his career. It took Cunningham 11 seasons to accomplish that feat with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Newton also needs just 1,690 rushing yards to break Michael Vick’s all-time record for a quarterback. At his current pace, he’ll do that at some point during the 2020 campaign.