San Diego Padres Place Jon Jay on 15-Day DL

By Michael Dixon

A bad season for the San Diego Padres got worse on Tuesday when the club placed Jon Jay on the disabled list with a broken forearm.

This is bad news for the Padres on two fronts.

One is that Jay was having a nice year. He had a .296/.345/.407 slash line before going down. Even with limited power, that’s a valuable top of the order bat. Additionally, Jay is a strong outfielder at the premium position of center field. This will give San Diego a chance to see Alex Dickerson (and possibly other youngsters), but Jay won’t be easy to replace.

The second issue is that for all of those reasons, Jay was a fantastic trade chip. The Padres are certainly sellers in 2016. Jay could have been traded on his own to a team looking for outfield help. He also could have been packaged with one of San Diego’s other veterans as a pot sweetener.

Recovery time for a broken forearm is generally about two months. Even if Jay heals quick, the recovery time will take us well beyond the August 1 trade deadline. Not having Jay to offer will potentially weaken the trade haul that they can get at deadline time.

The only silver lining is that since Jay is now highly unlikely to be traded and San Diego is well out of contention, caution can be taken in getting him back on the field.

Playing for a contending team would potentially create a rush to get back to action, thereby risking further injury. With the Padres out of it, it wouldn’t be surprising if we didn’t see Jay on the fieldĀ again until mid-late September, if at all in 2016.