Ousted former Redskins GM raises money for team’s charity

Scot McCloughan

When the Washington Redskins fired general manager Scot McCloughan on the first day of free agency back in March, it was an absolute shock to most around the football world. Washington’s press release following the firing threw many for a loop. We were all right to critique the organization for throwing McCloughan under the bus in such a public manner.

Now, months removed from his ousting in the nation’s capital, McCloughan is using some of the stuff he acquired during his time with the Redskins to help raise money for charity.

Here’s the twist. Half the money raised by McCloughan went directly to the Washington Redskins’ charity.

No, really.

“Two autographed Redskins hats were sold for a total of $1,000, with all the money going to the Redskins Charitable Foundation,” ESPN’s John Keim reported Saturday. “A tan suit jacket that McCloughan often wore on game day raised another $1,000, with the money going to Northern Virginia Family Service.”

Good for McCloughan. It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t have hard feeling for how his relationship with the Redskins ended. And if he does, the highly-respected executive didn’t let it impact the good he does for the community in the D.C. area.