Orlando Scandrick’s Competitive Nature Comes Through at Children’s Hospital

By Vincent Frank
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What happened to letting young kids actually win a game against you (an adult)? Apparently, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick was beat down by adults while playing Madden as a child.

While volunteering his time at a children’s hospital in Texas, Scandrick showed us that his competitive nature is alive and well…at least according to teammate Justin Durant.

That’s some Sean Payton stuff right there. 

No word yet on whether Scandrick actually took the child out in this “friendly” game of Madden.

Hey Orlando, I am online playing Madden right now. Let’s give this a go, I’ll make sure to rub my awesome fake-football playing ability right in your face, just like you did to that kid.

In any event, good for the Cowboys duo spending some time with those young kids in need of some fun. That’s all that matters here.

Photo: Fox Sports