Orlando Scandrick compares Dez Bryant’s camp fight to Mayweather and Pacquiao

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant and cornerback Tyler Patmon threw a few punches at each other during a sideline altercation on Sunday. However, Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick wasn’t impressed with the scuffle, telling Dallas KSEN-FM (h/t Fox News):

“It didn’t accomplish anything. Nobody got better on that play. Everybody’s technique went out the window and it was just Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. … I don’t condone fighting with your teammate at no expense. I don’t think you should ever go that far. I think we compete, we get into a little skirmish, and it should never come to the point that helmets come off and guys start to throw blows with each other.”

Reportedly, Bryant and Patmon pulled off each others’ helmets and exchanged punches until some teammates stepped in and broke up the fight.


This leaves us to wonder who played Mayweather and who was the unfortunate Pacquiao in Scandrick’s comparison, because no clear winner emerged.

Nevertheless, Scandrick is correct. What exactly did that silly fight accomplish?

Hopefully the boys are past their nonsense because if Bryant fights again, quarterback Tony Romo will reportedly punch the star receiver.

And that wouldn’t be a useful development in Dallas.

Photo: USA Today Sports