Orlando Magic’s Arron Afflalo Could be Open to a Trade

Orlando Magic swingman Arron Afflalo is legitimately one of the most underrated players in the entire NBA. Existing on mediocre teams throughout the duration of his career, Afflalo may now be ready to join a contender at the age of 28. 

According to Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel, Afflalo may indeed be open to being traded to a contender. 

Orlando’s classy leading scorer (Afflalo) wouldn’t mind being moved to a playoff team. The clock is ticking loudly on his career as he’ll turn 29 in October.

The Magic can select a point guard at No. 4 this month, perhaps a signal that Victor Oladipo would move to Arron’s position full-time. Afflalo could be in play at the June 26 draft. Chicago, Charlotte, Phoenix and Oklahoma City could use two-guards and have multiple first-round picks.

He averaged a career-high 18.2 points per game last season, shooting 46 percent from the field and 43 percent from three-point land. Of the teams listed above, only the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder can be considered legtimate title contenders.

Flush with two first-round picks and the potential need for a shooting guard, Oklahoma City might make a whole lot of sense in a potential deal. It just remains to be seen if the Magic would deal their best player for just one pick at the bottom of the first round. That doesn’t seem too likely.

There are a ton of moving parts here. For example, if the Golden State Warriors do part with Klay Thompson in a potential Kevin Love deal, they might be interested in adding Afflalo to the mix. Either way, look for him to get a shot with a better team in 2014-2015.

Photo: Fox Sports