Oregon Football called cops on Pac-12 Network crew

Oregon Football Autzen Stadium

The Oregon Football program doesn’t like anyone seeing what happens during practice, and the folks in charge aren’t opposed to using local law enforcement to make sure their secrets stay safe.

Last week, a Pac-12 Network crew, led by analyst Curtis Conway, was visiting and reportedly was “able to glimpse portions of practice,” prompting the call to police, which resulted in “multiple officers” to ascend on team facilities, per CBS Sports, citing two sources.

“According to the sources, Conway and other Pac-12 on-air talent were merely ascending a stairway to a production truck. What was described as ‘a standoff’ with Conway escalated until someone called the police. Multiple cars with multiple officers showed up minutes later, one source said.”

No arrests were made, and the situation was over quickly. However, this entire ordeal is extremely odd, considering the Pac-12 Network isn’t exactly enemy No. 1, being owned by the conference.

It also was a huge waste of local government resources. While Eugene isn’t exactly known as the crime capital of the United States, there was absolutely no reason to call the cops here.

Did the program really think the Pac-12 Network was there to steal secrets?

Don’t mind us while we spend the next few minutes scratching our heads.