One significant detail shows how much the Sacramento Kings just don’t get it

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

At this point, we all understand that the Sacramento Kings are among the most dysfunctional franchises in American sports these days.

Whether you’re talking about the way they dumped DeMarcus Cousins immediately after the 2017 All-Star Game (after telling teams “no trade” literally hours before), the way they got practically nothing in return for one of the best players in the game and even going back to the Maloof days when they got rid of their best players for reasons that still baffle, this franchise is a veritable dumpster fire of incompetence.

Never can this be seen more clearly than the way Sacramento welcomed in its new players from the Cousins trade, juxtaposed by the way the New Orleans Pelicans welcomed Cousins himself.

Now, it’s important to note that NBA players have traveled on commercial flights from time to time for years. That’s not the point. The point is that the Kings welcomed a kid they believe has Stephen Curry potential (seriously) in Buddy Hield, along with the other players who were dispatched from New Orleans, on a commercial flight.

All the while, Cousins was being escorted to his new home on the owner’s private plane by a coach and the team’s general manager. That’s how you treat a guy you are excited about landing.

Meanwhile, Vlade Divac was still in Sacramento, presumably still sweating over the reality that he seriously left a much better offer on the table (his words) and ended up settling for scraps instead.

And all in the name of “culture and character.”

While we’re not going to say Cousins was a model citizen, character and culture starts at the top. And the guy talking about those qualities while throwing Cousins under the bus is the same guy who told Cousins recently that he wouldn’t be traded.

That’s not good character.

The Kings just don’t get it. That much is clear. Will they ever? Kings fans, don’t hold your breath.