Oklahoma State football team rings refuse to acknowledge controversial loss

Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph and the Cowboys have their first big test in college football Week 4

When the Oklahoma State football team defeated Colorado in the Alamo Bowl, it wrapped up a 10-3 season for the Cowboys. Just don’t tell anyone from the team.

Based on the rings from the Alamo Bowl, Oklahoma State is still unwilling to accept a loss that, to say the least, was controversial.


To be fair, the Cowboys’ Week 2 loss to Central Michigan wasn’t simply aided by a bad call. Those happen in sports. No, this was aided by a completely incorrect ruling that extended the game by one play, giving the Chippewas an untimed down in which they completed a game-winning Hail Mary (watch here).

Oklahoma State was leading when quarterback Mason Rudolph threw an incomplete pass ruled to be intentional grounding as time expired. While the infraction occurred on fourth down, it should have ended the game, as the Cowboys were on offense. The referees incorrectly said that since it happened on fourth down, Oklahoma State became the defensive team, and a game can’t end on a defensive penalty.

So, unlike most other bad calls, there’s absolutely no room for doubt that if the right call was made, the Cowboys would have won and by extension, finished 11-2.

We can’t blame them for not recognizing the loss, or for their continued saltiness.