Oklahoma assistant trolls Texas A&M coach

By David Kenyon

Allegiances of college football coaches will change as their location does. That’s simply a part of recruiting. Still, it’s hilarious when they’re caught contradicting a past pitch.

And Oklahoma assistant Cale Gundy has the receipts.

Gundy shared a picture of Texas A&M tight ends coach Tim Brewster — who is also the Aggies’ recruiting coordinator — calling the ACC the nation’s best conference in July 2017. But now, he says the SEC holds the title.

That debate happens every year, and the answer often changes. In fairness to Brewster, he’s probably right! The ACC excelled in 2016 but the SEC re-emerged as the class of college football last year.

However, the sport’s shifting landscape doesn’t have any affect on Brewster’s pitch. No, he would be touting whatever conference with which his school is affiliated, and that’s fine! It’s his job.

But Gundy’s troll might make Brewster a little more aware of what he’s posted on social media in the past.