Ohio State legend Beanie Wells says Urban Meyer should be fired if he lied

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The entire Ohio State football program is facing the wrath of a sports community that’s been taken aback by allegations that head coach Urban Meyer lied about his knowledge of former assistant Zach Smith’s violent past.

On Wednesday, Ohio State placed Meyer on paid administrative leave. It could very well be a precursor to the longtime head coach being fired. Since then, Meyer and his Buckeyes have been on the receiving end of a ton of criticism.

Despite having graduated from Ohio State years before Meyer took the helm, former NFL running back and Columbus legend Beanie Wells knows a thing or two about the program.

He spoke out just recently, telling TMZ Sports that Meyer should be fired if it’s proven he lied about his knowledge of the allegations levied in the direction of Smith.

“I think in this situation, you have to do what’s morally right,” Wells said. “That probably would be to make a change, if he did indeed know everything that was going on, and kinda swept it under the rug. If that’s the case you have to move forward as a University.”

It’s no longer about Meyer’s ability to lead an upper-echelon program. He’s proven over and over again to be among the most successful head football coaches in the nation. According to Wells, it’s more about optics and doing the right thing.

“I just think of all the women’s rights groups out there. All the D.V. advocates out there that would be against the University with him being still the head coach if he indeed did know what actually transpired.”

It’s becoming increasingly clear that those with previous ties to the Buckeyes’ program believe it’s time for them to move on from Meyer. Having starred for Ohio State from 2006-08, Wells is seemingly no different.