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Officials blasted for robbing Dallas Cowboys of an obvious TD

Vincent Frank
NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys appeared to score with roughly six minutes remaining in the first quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles to take a 13-7 lead Monday night.

Dak Prescott scored on a quarterback sneak from the one on fourth down. Even live, it appeared that pretty much his entire body was across the goal line.

Officials in hand in Big D initially called Prescott short before Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy challenged it.

You be the judge.

In an absolutely shocking manner, said officials refused to overturn the call on the field and gave the ball to Philadelphia at the one. What’s the point of reviewing a play if officials are going to push back against overturning pretty much any call?

We saw issues with officiating throughout Sunday’s Week 3 NFL action, including the Green Bay Packers win over the San Francisco 49ers. It’s now continued into Monday night.

Officials blasted for robbing Dallas Cowboys of a touchdown