WATCH: Blatant miss by officials, Joe Mixon dropped ball in front of end zone on TD return

By Jesse Reed

After Ohio State took a 14-0 lead against Oklahoma, Joe Mixon turned things around in a hurry with a 97-yard kickoff return to cut the lead in half.

It was an electric return that pumped up the crowd and his teammates, but Mixon’s touchdown should not have counted.

Before anyone had realized what had happened, another play had been run, meaning officials could not review the play.

The biggest question we have, however, isn’t how the officials missed this obvious call.

What we want to know is, what in the heck are players thinking, dropping the ball anywhere near the goal line?

There is absolutely no reason to tempt fate. Yet, this time at least, Mixon got away with it.

Others have not, though. Just a week ago, Clemson’s Ray-Ray McCloud missed out on a sure touchdown doing the same thing (watch here), and DeSean Jackson made the dumb move famous some years back.