Odell Beckham Jr. warns other wide receivers about fame

By Vincent Frank

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has only been in the NFL for two seasons. Yet, he might already be the most recognizable player at his position in the entire league.

A lot of this has to do with the ridiculous catches he’s made on a consistent basis since taking over as Eli Manning’s favorite target with the Giants. It could also have to do with the 187 receptions, 2,755 yards and 25 touchdowns he’s put up in just two seasons.

Whatever it might be, Beckham Jr. is out here warning other wide receivers about wanting to become famous for their on-field exploits.

“I remember coming into the league, there were guys like Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans, I wanted to be talked about the way they were talked about,” Beckham said on Tuesday, via NJ.com. “I tell people now, ‘Be careful what you ask for,’ because I used to crave that, I used to want to be talked about, and people to know what I’m capable of. And now, people want to know everything. They want to know each and every detail.”

To be fair, some of Beckham Jr’s. fame has to do with rumors that he’s dating a Kardashian sister. Anyone who has put himself in that situation will likely receive more notoriety than your normal football player. In today’s society, everything to do with that family becomes talking points on gossip rags around the United States. Just ask Lamar Odom.

Though, Beckham Jr. doesn’t revel in the fame he receives. Instead, he was quoted in saying he “hates” it.

As young players begin to make their mark on the game itself, they will receive more attention from sports media. Most of that attention will be in a positive light unless said player does something to force the media into questioning his maturity. We can look at Johnny Manziel as a case study there.

For Beckham Jr., it seems to be more about not being able to do anything in public without the media placing its attention on him. Unfortunately, only two years into his career, this isn’t going to be dying down anytime soon.