Odell Beckham Jr. thinks NFL would have fined him for Salvation Army kettle leap

Odell Beckham Jr. Giants

Ezekiel Elliott made us all smile Sunday night when he jumped into a huge Salvation Army kettle after scoring a touchdown. He was flagged for the celebration, but on Monday morning he escaped a fine as the NFL was willing to overlook the incident because of the good cause it was attached to. Odell Beckham Jr. thinks things would have been different if he were the one to have jumped into the kettle, however.

We’d love to say OBJ is wrong here. We’d love to say the NFL wouldn’t have fined anyone for bringing awareness to the Salvation Army and its many noble causes.

But in reality, he’s probably got a good point here.

Still, there is a silver lining to all this. The NFL has been reportedly mulling over a relaxation of the rules when it comes to celebrations on the field (more on that here). Perhaps Elliott’s kettle leap was just the first snowflake in a larger snowball that will have an effect on the entire league.

We certainly hope that’s the case, and we’re sure OBJ does, too.