Odell Beckham Jr. Plans on ‘Hoisting Up That Trophy’ With Giants

Courtesy of the NY Post: Beckham Jr was among the most productive rookie WR’s in NFL history.

After blazing his way onto the national spotlight as a rookie, Odell Beckham Jr. has set his sights on bigger things in 2015 with the New York Giants.

Writing in his blog Royal Update, Beckham Jr. made it clear he intends on helping New York win a Super Bowl title for the third time in less than a decade:

“I’ve got big goals and visions for 2015. My plan is to be hoisting up that trophy at the end of the year. I’ve always been on great teams; I’ve just never been able to put that last piece together. So that’s the goal really, to finish the year off with a Super Bowl victory and to give me that peace of mind.”

That he plans on “hoisting up that trophy” shouldn’t surprise anyone. Every single pro football player has the same aspiration—it’s one of the biggest reasons they put their bodies through hell every year on the gridiron.

Well, that and the gobs of money they can earn.

It’s never wrong to voice your goals. And it’s not like he’s making some kind of guarantee, here. Most players know that guaranteeing anything is frowned upon.

Most players except Byron Maxwell, of course.

Beckham Jr. will need the help of his teammates to accomplish his goal. No matter how many highlight-reel catches he hauls in, no matter how many yards he racks up, this is a team game.

Therefore it’s not surprising that as part of his goal, the star receiver wrote he’s planning on being Eli Manning’s shadow. He credits the quarterback’s work ethic and mental toughness as traits to emulate.

New York’s offense should be explosive this year, especially if Victor Cruz returns to the form we all grew to know and love before his devastating injury.

The biggest obstacle to success will likely be on the defensive side of the ball. However, if the team’s defensive line comes together for a late dominant run–as it did in the team’s two recent championship runs—then Beckham Jr.’s dream could become reality.

Photo Credit: USA Today Sports