Odell Beckham Jr. could break a legendary record on Sunday

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is only entering his second season in the NFL, yet he is in line to break a legendary record on Sunday.

If Beckham can tally 90 or more receiving yards against the Dallas Cowboys, he will break the current NFL record of nine consecutive 90-yard games, currently held by Hall of Famer, Michael Irvin.

Of all things, OBJ is on track to break the former Cowboys receiver’s record at AT&T Stadium. What irony that would be to put Irvin’s record to rest in Dallas.

Beckham kind of has a knack for first-time achievements and for breaking records, so Irvin’s record is certainly in peril. After all, OBJ has already earned the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and was the first player to ever be awarded the prestigious Madden NFL cover following a rookie campaign.

Beckham catching passes for 90 or more yards in Week 1 doesn’t appear to be that difficult of a task, considering he averaged 108.5 yards per game in the 12 games he played in 2014.

Perhaps Beckham can further establish his legacy by catching another one-handed touchdown against the Cowboys on Sunday, like he did last year to the delight of the nation.

We can be sure that Irvin will be on pins and needles while watching this matchup. However, “The Playmaker” apparently thinks the world of Beckham.

“Well, Odell is very gifted, a gifted young man,” Irvin continued. “I mean really gifted. This kid is freakishly gifted. He’s freakishly tall, fast guy. This dude does things with his right hand, his left hand. It’s really incredible.”

Sunday’s rival game between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys is setting up to be one of the best matchups in Week 1. With this added element of intrigue, the level of interest nationally should be sky high.