O.J. Simpson’s hilarious TikTok video is one for the ages

Pro Football Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson has become somewhat of a viral sensation since being released from prison years back.

Simpson continues to post videos on Twitter with his takes on both the political situation of the day and sports. He’s also a pretty big golfer in the Las Vegas area.

The obvious backdrop here is Simpson’s status as a felon and a man who was acquitted of double murder charges more than a quarter century ago.

Simpson, 72, is now trying his hand on another social media platform. Check out this video he posted to TikTok.

This is going to hit legendary status here soon. Outside of the NSFW language, Juice killed it (no pun intended) in the video. Much like the rest of us, he’s bored out of his mind during the entire COVID-19 pandemic.

The ending of the video is especially awesome with Simpson pretty much just giving up and downing a two-liter bottle Jack Daniels.

The responses were equally as awesome.

2020 truly is next-level weird.