North Carolina head coach: Changes in football threaten to ruin the United States

Clint Eastwood would be super proud of North Carolina head football coach Larry Fedora’s recent comments on the changing landscape of football.

In talking about how he views a change in the game that goes from a more violent sport to one that helps protect players in the field, Fedora noted that said changes threaten to ruin the United States.

This is the ultimate “get off my lawn moment,” and we’re all here to bask in its glory.

Correlating a change in the dynamics of football to the United States ability to exist is one heck of a reach. There’s other things that threaten to tear down this nation, but we’ll lave that for another site to get into.

What’s clear here is that Fedora is not happy about how football has evolved. While he went to extremes to point that out, it’s a stance a lot of old-school football minds agree with.

The head coach of North Carolina since 2012, Fedora has been around the college game for over a quarter century. He’s seemingly a voice of authority on amateur football. That doesn’t make his take any less ridiculous.