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No decision on Aaron Rodgers’s future after Pat McAfee appearance

Making his highly anticipated appearance on Tuesday’s Pat McAfee Show with over 100,000 listeners tuning in, Aaron Rodgers had an announcement to make. Yet, it wasn’t one that revealed anything new.

For Rodgers, no news is, well still news.

The first thing the four-time MVP had to say, was that there would be no news, no announcement, or decision today.

Even though it was expected, it still draws a lot of attention. Few expected Rodgers to suddenly make a major announcement even after his somewhat cryptic social media post from the night before.

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Aaron Rodgers’ social media message left door open for anything

Late Monday night, Aaron Rodgers took to his Instagram with a heartfelt message, which many believed held a stronger, deeper meaning than simply the words in his post. Of course, there were also several hand-selected images attached as well. Some took these photos as a reflective state, looking back on good times with teammates he may not play with again. Or possibly indicating what life is like without AR12 in the picture.

Some wanted to suggest Rodgers would be announcing a retirement, possibly a parting from the Packers, or of course nothing at all. It seems to be the latter.

As the 17-year NFL vet stated on McAfee’s podcast, “There’s nothing cryptic about gratitude”.

In other words, the latest development from Rodgers indicates he’s simply expressing his admiration for many of the connections he’s made in his Packers career. It doesn’t mean anything further, or at least he’s not admitting anything yet.

Instead, we’ll all wait at least a few more weeks before officially understanding the next step for Rodgers. In the meantime, all we can do is continue to speculate on his next destination.

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