Nike commits $40 million to support black communities in United States

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the sports world comes together following the death of George Floyd and others at the hands of law enforcement, Nike is now stepping up with its own significant effort to combat racial equality in the United States.

Nike pledges $40 million to support black communities

The sportswear giant is partnering with Jordan and Converse brands to be a part of the effort to improve social justice across the United States. In an effort to do that, all three brands will combine to donate $40 million over the next four years to support black communities.

Nike’s donation will go towards investing in groups and organizations that promote social justice, education and addressing racial inequality in the United States. In a statement, CEO John Donahoe emphasized exactly why the company is stepping up to help.

“Systemic racism and the events that have unfolded across America over the past few weeks serve as an urgent reminder of the continued change needed in our society. We know Black Lives Matter,” said Nike’s CEO John Donahoe, via statement.” We must educate ourselves more deeply on the issues faced by Black communities and understand the enormous suffering and senseless tragedy racial bigotry creates,”

The move comes nearly three years after Nike signed Colin Kaepernick to an endorsement deal. As part of their partnership, Nike released a “Just Do It” campaign with Kaepernick as the leading voice of the movement.

Following the death of George Floyd, Nike released a “Just Don’t Do it” video, advocating for people to become part of the change the world needs to see.

Nike also said it is improving its efforts and measures to become more diverse and creating an environment that fosters a sense of inclusion and belonging.

The company has also stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing supplies for essential workers during a difficult time.