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Nick Saban continues to refuse discussing Jalen Hurts’ role

Jesse Reed
Alabama head coach Nick Saban

Nick Saban has made it pretty darn clear recently that he’s sick and tired of all the questions about Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa.

On Wednesday during his press conference, he once again refused to divulge any real information about what he plans to do with Hurts, who will be the backup to Tagovailloa on Saturday against Arkansas State.

“What we do with Jalen Hurts internally is going to be decided internally,” Saban told reporters, per Charlie Potter of 247Sports. “If I was going to tell you what we were going to do, I’d just call the other coach and tell him.”

That sentiment is understandable, to a certain degree. However, given that it’s crystal clear Tagovailoa is the superior player at that position, and that Saban has named him the starter for the first two games, it’s not like opposing coaches don’t know what’s coming.

In the end, Saban just follows the Bill Belichick model of media availability. Which is to say he would rather toast his own chestnuts on an open fire than answer your questions.