Nick Chubb and Bradley Chubb ink punny endorsement deals

Bradley Chubb

We promise to see a lot of this between now and the 2018 NFL Draft next month. But for now, former North Carolina State star Bradley Chubb and Georgia product Nick Chubb are the first two of their kind.

Bradley Chubb took to Twitter on Friday to announce an endorsement deal with Chubb North American insurance company. Joining him in the endorsement deal is cousin, Nick Chubb.

Get that? The Chubbs are now endorsing Chubb. This stuff is impossible to make up.

Both players expect to go rather high in the 2018 NFL Draft. For his part, Bradley will likely be one of the first five players off the board. And despite some injuries issues at Georgia, Nick absolutely dominated the combine. He’s now expected to be a Day 2 pick.

We absolutely love prospects going this route. If an opportunity presents itself, why not go for it? Just ask Forrest Lamp, who was selected in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft last year. His pun game is also pretty strong.