NFL’s ‘Secretary of Defense’ Dexter Manley: Tom Brady is not the GOAT

Two-time Super Bowl winner Dexter Manley, who earned the moniker “Secretary of Defense” during his playing days, thinks Tom Brady is overrated.

Appearing on NBC Washington, Manley made it clear that Joe Montana, not Brady, is the GOAT.

“Joe Montana, he was absolutely the best,” he said. “People talk about Tom Brady, he is not a Joe Montana. He’s not the greatest of all-time. Joe Montana is the greatest of all-time.”

Manley elaborated on why he believes Montana was a better NFL quarterback than Brady is.

“People give Tom Brady too much credit,” Manley said. “It is a team effort. No. 1, he gets the ball out of his hand quick. He has good mechanics, but he’s no Joe Montana. My daughter could out-run Tom Brady. Joe Montana is the best of all-time. He’s the best passer — him and Dan Marino. That guy don’t fit in those categories. I don’t care what they say.”

This is an argument many have made over the years. After all, Adam Vinatieri and the New England defense have just as much to do with Brady’s five rings than he does.

Still, as amazing as Montana was over the course of his career, Brady has been to twice as many Super Bowls, has one more ring and has all the postseason passing records known to mankind. For what it’s worth, this scribe, who grew up watching Montana and the San Francisco 49ers, considers Brady to be the GOAT. He’s earned that distinction, no matter what his detractors have to say.