NFLPA Responds to Denial of Adrian Peterson’s Appeal

By Vincent Frank

Shortly after it was announced that NFL’s appeals officer Harold Henderson had upheld the suspension of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, the players association responded with some strong words. 

The NFLPA expected this outcome, given the hearing officer’s relationship and financial ties to the NFL. The decision itself ignores the facts, the evidence and the collective bargaining agreement. This decision also represents the NFL’s repeated failure to adhere to due process and confirms its inconsistent treatment of players. Our union is considering immediate legal remedies.

This is the exact response that was expected from the NFLPA, a union that has continually hit the league hard over the past few months. And even more so since Goodell and Co. decided to suspend Peterson back in November.

In terms of legal remedies, there is some talk that Peterson will appeal through the federal court system, which could create wide-ranging ramifications for the league.

On a micro level, Peterson will not play in the Vikings final three games of the season and his future with the team remains iffy.

Photo: Huffington Post