Report: NFLPA advising Peyton Manning not to participate in NFL HGH investigation

By Jesse Reed
Courtesy of Brian Spurlock, USA Today Sports

The NFL is investigating claims made by Al Jazeera last year in which Peyton Manning and other NFL players were allegedly supplied HGH. The NFLPA is reportedly advising Manning not to participate in the investigation until the league supplies credible evidence, which has yet to happen.

Per Albert Breer of MMQB, the NFLPA feels the NFL lacks jurisdiction in the matter.

Manning is not an NFL player anymore, so his case is being handled separately. Breer reports Manning may yet cooperate because “of the potential he becomes” an NFL executive at some point.

That said, letters sent to the league, shared by Breer, clearly show the NFLPA’s stance on the matter.

The NFL was conspicuously quiet about the Al Jazeera investigation during the season last year when Manning was nearing the end of his historic career. At the time, the league said it would look into the allegations but appeared much more content to let the drama of his playoff run play out.

Then in the middle of all that, Charlie Sly, (primary source for Al Jazeera’s investigation), publicly recanted his statements in a bizarre YouTube video.

Yet now, in the NFL’s dead period before training camps open next month, the NFL has finally decided to make a show of investigating the now defunct report. And, based on the NFLPA, the league either will not or cannot provide any evidence that would provide the need for an investigation.

HGH use is banned, so investigating any use of the banned substance is a serious matter. However, if there is no credible evidence of HGH use other than recanted statements from a very shady character, then the NFL really has not a leg to stand on in this case.