NFL world reacts to Cleveland Browns’ new jerseys

By Matt Johnson
© Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

NFL teams have been busy this offseason unveiling new logos and jerseys for the upcoming season. The Cleveland Browns became the latest team to do it on Wednesday and it went even better than the organization could have hoped.

In an incredible video, the team detailed how it wanted to honor the city of Cleveland and respect the team’s incredible history in prior decades. Needless to say, they were able to accomplish that with their redesigned jerseys.

Better yet, the Browns found a way to turn this moment into a way to help their local community. The team is donating a portion of their sales from the new jerseys to COVID-19 relief efforts.

It’s an incredible gesture by the organization as it shows a commitment to giving the fans what they want and to helping those in need during a difficult time. The moment the new jerseys were finally revealed, the NFL world lit up with praise for the new look.

The fans loved it and even more importantly, the players loved the new look and are excited to put them on this upcoming season.