NFL won’t comment after CBA meeting with NFLPA wraps up

By Vincent Frank

The NFL and NFLPA’s executive committee met for more than four hours in Indianapolis on Tuesday in an attempt to hash out the final details of an impending collective bargaining agreement.

Said meeting came after NFL owners approved a new CBA agreement. It also came mere days after the NFLPA decided to push back a vote until the meeting took place.

While things might be pointing in the right direction, the NFL had no comment after Tuesday’s meeting wrapped up.

It’s not yet known whether the NFLPA executive committee will vote on the new CBA Tuesday night.

The two sides want to get this finalized ahead of the start of the new league year on March 18.

For the NFL, this takes on even more importance. A different report on Tuesday indicated that owners were concerned about this dragging on should Bernie Sanders earn the Democratic nomination for President.

That latter point is important in that owners are fearful Sanders’ economic policies could impact their economic health.

There’s also something to be said about the general election playing out during the fall. That impacted television ratings for the NFL during the 2016 election cycle. With the NFL looking at more lucrative television contracts, getting a CBA hashed out sooner rather than later is important.