Could legalized gambling be key to avoiding NFL strike?


For a couple of years now, the NFLPA has publicly recommending NFL players save up for a strike following the end of the current collective bargaining agreement.

The current 10-year deal between the NFL and NFLPA will come to a conclusion following the 2020 season. There are some huge issues to hash out, including an end to the ban on cannabis, more guaranteed money in contracts between players and teams, and much more.

However, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports noted Monday that the expected wave of legalized gambling in the United States could be the biggest key to getting a deal hashed out within the next year.

He wrote that the league views legalized gambling as “a multi-billion dollar game-changer that could spike the cap and salaries in the new CBA.”

We already know that at least some NFL owners are all aboard the legalized gambling train.

Following up on that, La Canfora wrote that “many owners are beyond ready to dive in with both hands and embrace all of the revenue streams that could come with it.”

Talks between the NFLPA and NFL have already begun, which could be viewed as a positive development.

On that note, La Canfora wrote, “Talks will continue through this season and based on what I have heard to this point, I expect plenty of gains to be made. Some in union and league circles would not be surprised if a deal is already done by this time next year, but it would take averting any pitfalls and maintaining a productive dialogue through the rest of this year to get there.”

Money talks. And there is no doubt that legalized gambling would bring in a treasure trove of wealth to the league.

Whether the promise of that money is enough to lure the NFLPA away from other issues the players want to pursue remains to be seen.