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Every NFL team raked in a cool $255 million in national revenue, a new record

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, every NFL team took home $244 million in national revenue, marking a new record. One year later, and that record is a thing of the past.

As noted by ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the “Green Bay Packers financial report revealed that each NFL team was given $255 million for a national revenue check this past season.”

The Packers disclose these numbers because they are a publicly owned team. Extrapolate those numbers and you’re looking at a $8.16 billion pot split between the 32 teams.

So, while there’s been a lot of talk about how the NFL is obviously tanking due to lower television numbers, it’s clear that narrative is nothing more than hot air.

The NFL is utterly crushing the competition and remains the king of North American sports by a wide margin.