NFL world reacts to Johnny Manziel, not Colin Kaepernick, receiving interest

Colin Kaepernick
Jake Roth, USA Today Sports

News coming out this week that NFL teams are interested in potentially signing Johnny Manziel has brought the Colin Kaepernick debate front and center once again. On the field, there’s no question that Kaepernick has proven himself to be a better option than Manziel. Off the field, we’d receive little resistance in indicating that Manziel himself has more red flags than Kaepeernick.

Even then, Manziel might very well be signed here soon while Kaepernick himself remains unemployed and without much interest in his services. Some of that has to do with the ongoing collusion lawsuit. Though, common logic suggests that the Kaepernick-led National Anthem protests has played a larger role in this.

As we see in the social media world, current and former NFL players are not holding back in their opinion that Kaepernick is actually being black-balled.

Here are some reactions from players and those around the NFL regarding the Manziel and Kaepernick situations, as well as other recent signings that seemingly paint the NFL in a bad light.


You can be the judge here. But it’s not a surprise that the media is behind Kaepernick. This has been the case for some time now. It is, however, surprising that those close to the National Football League are speaking out on the issue. As more mediocre to bad quarterbacks continue to get signed, this subject isn’t going to die down.

And for his part, Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden just watched his team sign EJ Manuel over Kaepernick. This comes on the heels of reports that the NFL was pushing Oakland to take a chance on Kaepernick. And he’s out here questioning why Kaepernick is not on a team. That’s all sorts of cute.