NFL Playoff ratings down big time from last season

By Vincent Frank

There’s been a lot of talk about NFL television ratings being down this season. Some of this could have to do with the a product that just hasn’t been too great. Others conclude that the National Anthem protests have played a role in this.

Though, there’s certainly some truth in the fact that television ratings as a whole are down due to the prevalence of cord-cutting.

Regardless of the reasons, the NFL Playoff ratings for Wildcard Weekend were down considerably from last year.

That’s pretty darn alarming right there. Though, it’s not too surprising in the least. The four games that took place this past weekend left a lot to be desired. What might have been the sexiest matchup took place on a Saturday night, when television ratings themselves lag big time.

That impacted those who tuned in for the Los Angeles Rams’ first home playoff game since 1989. Meanwhile, the Tennessee Titans-Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars-Buffalo Bills games featured AFC teams in small markets.

It will be interesting to see how ratings compare in the divisional round with popular teams such as the Steelers and Patriots playing.