NFL official under investigation for domestic violence

Former NFL vice president of officiating and current line judge Carl Johnson is currently under investigation for domestic violence, reports TMZ Sports.

“Johnson’s accuser is a 49-year-old woman who told police she and Johnson had been living together in 2016 when the NFL official became aggressive. She claims Johnson first got violent in December and during the incident, Johnson hit her so hard, he busted one of her breast implants,” the report read.

According to TMZ Sports, the woman went to the NFL back in March to discuss the alleged violence perpetrated by Johnson. Though, it’s not clear what the league’s response was.

Johnson left his role as VP of officiating back in 2012 to become the league’s first full-time official. He faces discipline under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.

This is most definitely something to pay attention to moving forward, especially as the Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence case continues in the courts. The NFL can’t how any impropriety or double standards here. Then again, Johnson himself is simply an alleged aggressor at this time.