NFL looking into changing celebration penalty rules

Roger Goodell Gareon Conley
Courtesy of USA Today Sports

The “No Fun League” might very well be closing on some changes to ridiculous celebration penalty rules that have dogged the NFL over the course of the past two seasons.

A recent report from USA Today Sports suggests that the NFL’s competition committee is looking into potentially easing up on excessive celebration penalties.

 “The NFL’s competition committee has discussed the league’s celebration rules during its annual meetings at the scouting combine – a conversation that’s slated to continue Wednesday during a joint session that includes current and former players as well as representatives from the NFL Players Association,” the report read.

This would be music to the ears of players, fans and coaches the world over. Last season saw 30 such penalties called compared to just 29 over the past two seasons combined and five in 2013, according to USA Today Sports.

We have heard players speak out about the ridiculous nature of these rules in the past. If the NFL is indeed looking to be more liberal on enforcing said penalties, it would be a huge step in the right direction.

According to the report, a time limit could potentially be placed on celebrations. If players were to exceed that limit, only then would a flag be thrown. That’s a happy medium we’re pretty sure everyone can get behind.