NFL investigating application of concussion protocol on Matt Moore

After getting blasted by Bud Dupree early in the Miami Dolphins playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, it looked as though Miami quarterback Matt Moore would be out for a long time. It turned out that he only missed one play.

That has triggered a review from the NFL and how well its concussion protocol was followed.

Here’s something we can’t say very often. The NFL is getting this one absolutely right.

For his part, Moore has said that while he was “smoked,” he didn’t suffer a concussion. There’s no reason to disbelieve Moore. So, for the sake of argument, let’s assume he was correct.

The hit, which can be seen here, was viscous, violent and high. It may well be that Moore didn’t suffer a concussion. But watching the hit in real time, it sure looked like a strong possibility. In past situations, it’s taken players far more than one play for a player to be cleared from concussion protocol.

The fact that Moore returned to action after only one play says one of two things.

One, the concussion protocol was virtually rubber stamped.

Two, the people on the sideline were completely unaware of the fact that a concussion was possible. That’s never acceptable. When you’re playing a team that has a decade’s old reputation for head hunting, it’s even less acceptable.

In either case, the people on the Miami sideline missed this one. The NFL owes it to itself to take a good, hard look.