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NFL insider believes Arizona Cardinals want to trade down, but it takes two to tango

We’ve already seen the Chicago Bears make a giant slide down the draft board, going from having the first pick to the ninth. Could the Arizona Cardinals, who hold the third pick, be the next team aiming to trade down?

With the pursuit of a top quarterback a never-ending battle in the NFL, heading into a draft event that’s believed to have four gunslingers worthy of being a top-ten pick, the Cardinals may in a prime position to become sellers.

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated addressed the Cardinals’ unique situation in a recent edition of his mailbag. Here’s what the NFL insider had to say when asked about the Cards potentially trading out of the third draft slot.

“I think they’d like to (trade down), and they’re in a good position to do so. If you, like most of the league, assume the first two picks are quarterbacks, and add Colts owner Jim Irsay’s hunger to get a long-term answer at QB at No. 4 into the equation, then new Cardinals GM Monti Ossenfort could find himself in the draft’s catbird seat.”

NFL insider Albert Breer on Arizona Cardinals’ possible draft plans

Yet, Breer also notes the challenge that comes with Arizona’s possible desire to collect more draft assets. As great as it sounds to trade down, it takes two to tango. At this point, there doesn’t appear to be a strong candidate to jump into Arizona’s draft slot. Yet, there are plenty of sleeper teams who could develop a stronger desire to secure one of this year’s top QBs.

Think of teams like Atlanta (eighth pick), Tennessee (11th pick), and Washington (16th pick). None of which have a long-term starter. Yet, each has a second-year pro who could be set to earn more playing time heading into their sophomore season.

Or, if we wanted to go even deeper, Tampa Bay at 19, Minnesota at 23, or even getting really out there, Baltimore at 22, should the Lamar Jackson situation deteriorate beyond control (if it’s not already there). That’s pretty much the extent of Arizona’s options, but each team may already have other plans in store.

This is all to say, sure, the Cardinals may want to trade down, but sometimes executing an idea is much easier said than done.

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