NFL: Ezekiel Elliott investigation is still ‘active’ and ‘ongoing’

Ezekiel Elliott

As Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott enjoys a tremendous season on the field, his performance continues to be marred by allegations of domestic violence.

They have become prevalent since he was selected in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, with Elliott’s ex-girlfriend claiming that he has assaulted her multiple times in the past.

While Elliott was cleared of wrongdoing by the courts, the NFL itself doesn’t hold as high of a standard for potential punishment.

The question at hand here — five allegations of domestic violence during a six-day span in July — has caught the NFL’s eye.

According to this report from Pro Football Talk, the league’s investigation of Elliott’s alleged domestic violence past is still “active and “ongoing.” This, coming from the league itself.

The interesting dynamic here is that while the NFL’s investigation is focusing primarily on those alleged incidents in July, it is also looking into allegations of domestic violence from back in February.

While the NFL cannot punish Elliott for anything that happened prior to him being selected in the draft, it can use previous allegations as a barometer when it comes to potentially handing out a suspension.

All this comes mere months after reports surfaced that Elliott’s ex-girlfriend had apparently threatened to ruin him if he broke up with her. The NFL’s investigation likely includes interviews with individuals close to the two in an attempt to figure out who has more credibility in this case.

Stay tuned, this is far from over.