NFL executive questions why Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned

Colin Kaepernick
Jake Roth, USA Today Sports

Free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent while quarterbacks of less talent keep being swept up by new teams. Has Kap played his final game in the NFL?

At this time, no team in need seems inclined to deal with Kaepernick after he protested the National Anthem during the 2016 season.

But, is it time to finally get past that and time for a team that must improve to give Kap a chance?

One AFC personnel director seems to be of this opinion and had this to say about Kaepernick.

“Kaepernick is more talented than [Barkley, Glennon and Gabbert],” one AFC personnel director told Jeffri Chadiha, an NFL Media Columnist. “The issue is that this crosses over into social issues. I would hope that some coach or some owner would get back to their respective professions and field the best team that helps them win football games.”

This executive is correct. The real task here is for teams to win games on the field. Short of legal problems off the field, that has to be the primary role of evaluating free agents.

Taking this into account, Kaepernick is the best free agent quarterback and has been since March.

But, all we have seen is franchises avoid him like the plague. The New York Jets would rather take a flyer on Josh McCown who has produced a 2-20 record over his last three seasons.

They are just one example here. The Chicago Bears think Mike Glennon can lead them to an improvement. And the Cleveland Browns stated well before the draft that they were not even interested in Kap. They won one game last year.

Perhaps team budgets come into play here. But on the other hand, we are not aware that Kaepernick has set forth any contract demands. Clearly, the longer he remains a free agent, his asking price will continue to go down. He wants to play, but no teams have reached out.

Last year saw Kaepernick throw for 2,241 yards and rush for 468. He scored a total of 16 touchdowns with just four interceptions in 12 games.

Unfortunately for him, this has very little to do with why the former Super Bowl quarterback is still unemployed.