NFL drinking game: 10 things to watch for in Week 10

By Rachel Wold

To add a little spice this weekend, if you are watching NFL games with friends or family, why not have a some fun and play a drinking game?

For instance, someone takes a sip every time we see Justin Houston sack Peyton Manning when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Denver Broncos.

Cheers! And, bottoms-up for each time the following events happen.

Quarterback switches in Browns vs. Steelers game

While Johnny Manziel is prepared to start for the Browns, Josh McCown (ribs) is supposed to start if healthy. Meanwhile Ben Roethlisberger hopes to play despite his sprained foot, but Landry Jones will get the start if Big Ben is ruled out. If any one of the four quarterbacks switch places at any point in the game, grab a cup.

Mike Evans drops a ball

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans had a horrible case of the dropsies last week (six to be exact). Keep an eye on his hands when the Bucs host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. If Evans drops a ball, it’s time for Fireball.

Jerry Jones claps his hands wildly from viewing box

Sticking with the Bucs/Cowboys game, get ready to watch Jones wildly clapping when his ‘Boys’ do something right on Sunday.

Someone comments on how handsome Tom Brady is

Tom Brady and the gang play at the Meadowlands when the New York Giants will be trying their hardest to put an end to the Patriots’ undefeated status. And, we all know that the camera loves to pan over to Brady when he’s studying on the sidelines. When someone gushes over Brady’s looks, it’s time for that person to lift their glass.

Detroit Lions rush for 100 yards

The Detroit Lions rush attack ranks dead-last in the NFL and the team is averaging only 69.62 ground yards per game. If the Lions can post 100 rushing yards against the Green Bay Packers, feel free to say “cheers” to them making improvements to their lagging run-game.

Jay Cutler sports his “I don’t care” face

Nobody can match San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers’ silly array of faces, but Jay Cutler can put on some beauties of his own when things aren’t going so swell during the game. Watch for Cutler’s “I don’t care” attitude to creep into play against a tough St. Louis Rams’ defense.

Tennessee Titans upset Carolina Panthers

The Panthers enter Week 10 at 8-0 to face a Tennessee Titans with only two wins. It would be quite the upset for Marcus Mariota, who was spectacular last week, and crew to turn the tables on Cam Newton and team.

It’s not likely going to happen, but if it does, Newton himself may want to join in on that drink.

Ryan Tannehill and Mike Pouncey team up for another safety

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill and center Mike Pouncey have botched the snap two games in a row, sending Tannehill to scramble into the end zone to recover the ball to no avail. Why not go for three against the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday, guys? Philly would surely love a quick 2-0 jump-start on Sunday.

Joe Flacco or Blake Bortles throws a pick

The Baltimore Ravens host the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday, and interceptions are bound to happen. Joe Flacco has tossed eight picks this season and has only one game when he remained interception-free. Blake Bortles has 10 interceptions on the books and has only remained clean in two games.

It’s a given that one of these two pick-happy guys will be causing a few shots to be consumed on Sunday.

Marshawn Lynch pukes on the sidelines

At this time, Lynch is questionable (abdomen) to play against the Arizona Cardinals. Although, he’s a tough dude and hopefully he should be able to suit up.

If he does, keep an eye out for his sideline etiquette. A few games back, Lynch wasn’t feeling well and hit the sidelines to puke in a bucket. He soon returned to the game to finish the day with 122 yards and one touchdown.