NFL Draft prospect has amazingly punny endorsement

Former Western Kentucky guard Forrest Lamp is expected to go in the first round on Thursday. He’s seen as an immediate starter and someone who will earn multiple trips to the Pro Bowl.

Let’s just hops for the prospect’s sake that the team who selects him has this one retail outlet in its city. See, Lamp is one of the few prospects that actually has an endorsement deal in place before knowing where he’s landed.

Of course, it’s with Lamps Plus.

“The opportunity to partner with Lamps Plus before my rookie NFL season, especially with my last name, is the perfect scenario,” Lamp said, via the company’s official website.

Here’s photo evidence.

Yes, that’s Lamp with well … a lamp.

There’s so many things to look at here. Will Lamp light it up for his new team? Is it going to be really lit? What happens when a defender turns the light off on his quarterback? Will Lamp look to flip the switch?

We can go on all day. But we won’t. Just enjoy this awesome endorsement relationship.